ekar started out like many businesses do

We observed a problem and went about figuring out how to find a solution and make the joys of driving car just that - joyful!


Tel: 800693527


What is ekar?

ekar is the Middle East’s first smart car rental company allowing people living or visiting the United Arab Emirates the freedom of driving a car without the hassle and expense of owning or renting one!

ekar uses state-of-the-art instant reservations and smart access technology, providing a network of vehicles for hourly on-demand rent in the UAE.

ekar members only pay for the time they use. ekar’s fleet of brand new vehicles provides plenty of space for you and your friends. ekar offers an easy and affordable way to enjoy all the UAE has to offer.

How does ekar work?

You will have 24/7 access to the most efficient fleet of cars by the hour. ekars are stationed at convenient locations across the Emirates, visible on the App or online map. You can reserve your ekar directly from your smartphone.

Unlock your ekar using the App or via your ekard. Make sure the car is in good condition and report any damages. For issues, please contact us at 800693527 or via email at help@ekar.ae.

Your car key is located in the glove box. Simply remove the key from the key holder to begin driving.

You only pay for what you use. Cars are fully insured, well serviced, and full of petrol! Drive happy! For all stops, keep the car key with you and use like a regular car. When your booking is complete, return the car to the same reserved parking spot, and insert the car key into the key holder. Remember to take all of your belongings.

End the booking via your App or ekard. Then you are all done!


Who can join?

All you need to join is a driving license, ID, to be at least 21 years old and to have been holding an Emirates license for over 1 year or an international license for 2 years. Registration fee is just AED 1 paid via credit card. Approval process is within 4 hours.

How do I Register?

Signing up is quick and easy. Just register online, upload a picture of your driving license and ID. Once we have received these two documents, your account will be approved. Download the app and you’re good to go.

Can I join if my driver’s license is not from UAE?

Yes, but you must still be at least 21 years old, have a valid credit card, and a valid driver’s license in good standing. You will have to upload a picture of your driver’s license, your passport, and your visa stamp.

What do I do if my ekard is lost or stolen?

Certain members have ekards. It is important to let us know right away if your card has been lost or stolen so we can deactivate your lost card, and set you up with a new one. A replacement card costs 45 AED, and can be picked up at our office or by calling us at 800693527 to have one mailed to you.

I forgot my username/password!

No problem, it’s an easy fix. Just visit the login page at ekar.ae, click the “forgot password” link and follow the instructions.

How can I contact ekar?

All of our info is on the ‘Contact us’ page. Or, if you’re in an ekar, we have 24/7 support, just call us at 800693527.


How much does it cost?

ekar has a simple fee structure. You pay a one-time sign up fee of 1 AED and you get lifetime membership for free!

Public fleet – (RTA) You pay AED 0.5 per minute or AED 30 per hour. Maximum rental time is 6 hours per rental.

Corporate – (Etihad) You only 0.60 per minute AED 36 per hour. If you book an ekar longer than 6 hours, we will discount your rate to 169 AED for the whole day. And the best thing: this includes 200km/trip, gas, insurance, maintenance and 24/7 support.

ekar X fleet From AED 159 per day and AED 2299 per month, daily,weekly and monthly available.

What’s included in my fees?

Pretty much everything – every trip includes gas, insurance, parking ( for our RTA fleet, RTA zones A,B,C,D check the orange RTA signs for clarification on which zone), 200km/trip, maintenance and 24/7 support. We have now added parking zones E,F,G,H to our parking! For these zones please email Parking@ekar.ae and let us know the exact parking zone e.g 382F as soon as you park up.

I have a promo code – what is this?

A promo code gives new members access to waived registration fees, and can even include free hours. Promo codes must be entered at the time of registration. Promo codes do expire, so double check your code’s expiry date before your register.

How long is a promo code valid for?

It depends on the promotion, each promo code has its own expiry date (usually 30 days). Just contact us with any questions you may have about your promotion.

Can I drive on roads with SALIK tolls?

All ekars are equipped with Salik toll tags. All toll charges incurred during your reservation will be added to your account. Additionally, anyone found tampering with the Salik tag will be charged a penalty.

Please note that it can take up to 24 hours for the charges to be reflected to your credit card.

How do I pay?

All charges will automatically be applied to the credit card on file. You’ll be able to see the cost of all your trips by logging in online to your account the next business day. Monthly invoices will be downloadable.

What if I get a ticket or get towed?

Your credit card will be automatically charged for parking tickets, towing, and any associated processing fees. If you have any concerns please contact us.

Dubai Parking

Our public RTA fleet (the grey and white cars) come with RTA parking cards. These give you the freedom to park in RTA parking zones A,B,C,D. This covers most of Dubai. However, Deira Fish Market, Knowledge village, Internet city, Media city and Business bay are not in the ABCD parking zones, these are in zones E,F,G,H and you need to let us know the exact parking zone e.g 382f when parking in these areas, email parking@ekar.ae with the detail. Please look out for the Orange RTA parking signs which clearly indicate the zone. Malls are also off limits as I’m sure you don’t want to be searching 8 floors in Dubai mall for an ekar. For any further detail on this please call us on 800myekar or email us at help@ekar.ae

ekar In’s and Out’s

How do I reserve an ekar?

You can reserve a car through the ekar App or at ekar.ae. If you see a red light on the windshield reader, it means that the ekar is reserved.

What if I need to change or cancel my reservation?

You can change or cancel a reservation anytime yourself up to the start time of the reservation. If you need to cancel after this time please give our team a ring.

Can I book in the future?

Yes, you can book our cars upto 4 days ahead of time. Please be reminded that we will only guarantee future bookings of over 3 hours in duration.

When will you refund?

If you had a problem during your rental or suspect fraudulent activities, please contact us at